The “CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT” is department of VIDHIK EDUCATIONAL EVAM PARAMARSH SAMITI regulating by VIDHIK EDUCATIONAL EVAM PARAMARSH SAMITI. “CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT” is a global pioneer in the field of Cyber security, cyber law & cyber crime investigation. We work with Governments, Corporate and Enforcement agencies across the Country. We Are a Proud Member Of Data Security Council Of India ( DSCI ).

CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT (CIU, INDIA) With its foundation pillars as Innovation, Information and Intelligence is exploring indefinitely as a Techno-Legal Service Provider and a Training Organization.

The major working area of CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT are Cyber studied and research, development and applications are Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and Cyber Law. Apart from that we are providing services of Cyber education, Cyber Law, IPR & Cyber security solutions, Training, Awareness and cyber consultancy. We do IT Act, 2000 Compliance for organizations and websites.

Just like the prevailing need of the current scenario .The Cyber Intelligence team fills an important gap and pushes consulting one step further on the evolutionary ladder of cyber security. They are typically a group of bright, experienced, talented, and motivated cyber expert and system specialists which work together to detect, identify, determine and understand advanced threat agents.

Moreover our team of cyber experts offer consulting services on cyber law; cyber forensics and cyber space .This team is composed of cyber-investigators which enhance an organization’s capabilities by protecting the overall defence from persistent attackers.