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With private and public sector reliance on computer technology, cyber security is becoming more and more critical. At the CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT, our priority is to aware and trained professional and students understand cyber era and protect the society against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes.

Internship Program Certification Courses

Welcome To Cyber Intelligence Unit

The “CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT” is department of VIDHIK EDUCATIONAL EVAM PARAMARSH SAMITI regulating by VIDHIK EDUCATIONAL EVAM PARAMARSH SAMITI and CYBER LAW PIONEERS jointly. CYBER LAW PIONEERS is a global pioneer in the field of Cyber security, cyber law...

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 Certification Courses

CYBER INTELLIGENCE UNIT has a separate department for Cyber Education with name “CYBER EDUCATION DIVISION” offering courses in regular manner as well as Online. The Courses are focused on cyber law, Information security, computer forensics and Intellectual property rights.

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 Latest Updates

Name : Workshop on 'Python & Use of Python in Ethical Hacking'
News : Cyber Intelligence Unit Successfully distributed the certificates one who completed Python & use of python in hacking from CIU.
News Date : 3/7/2019 12:27:21 PM


 Our Workshop

Seminar/ Workshop

Title : Workshop on 'Cyber Security and Digital Forensics'
Venue : Cyber Intelligence Unit Bhopal
Speaker : Miss. Pratiksha Dwivedi (Forensics Expert)
Date : 10/03/2019
Topics Covered :Workshop on 'Cyber Security and Digital Forensics' with the certificate. The registration fee is only Rs 100/- per candidate. Time:- 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM On Sunday 10/03/2019. Call for registration 9993647367, 8349041270


Training and Internship Programs

Training and Internship Programs on “Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Computer Forensics and Cyber Law”.


Training program on “Cyber Law

“Training program on “Cyber Law Related to Banking” for banks.



Purushottam Sharma

Addl. DGP (CP & PR)
Police Headquarter Bhopal MP,
Vidhik Education Evam Paramarsh Samiti.

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Chairman Message

I welcome you to Cyber Intelligence Unit (CIU India) that is subsidary to my NGO Vidhik Education Bhopal. This unit has been created to impart awareness and empower people again cyber Crimes.

In the 21st century, on one hand, usage of Information Technology is increasing rapidly and impacting our day-to-day life, and on the other, cyber crimes have become the biggest challenge for the country. For prevention of cyber crimes and online frauds and combating them, a centralized database of cyber criminals needs to be maintained to keep a check on them and to discourage them from engaging in spurious activities in cyberspace. Young people, especially girls and childrens, are becoming more and more impacted by social media. The number of OTP Froud is also increasing day by day. This is an initiative taken from CIU to make people aware against cyber offences. We make people aware of their cyber rights and empower them against OTP froud.